I passed my ’17 Focus RS along to a fellow enthusiast yesterday and it felt really good.

Yesterday I sold my Focus RS and bought a Mustang GT. I was going to write about the difference between the driving dynamics of the Mustang and RS, but there’s enough of that on the internet.

Tl;dr: The biggest thing I learned yesterday was how much more satisfying it is to sell a car to a fellow enthusiast than trade it into a dealer.

The guy I sold the RS to has been driving modded Focus STs for a while. Apparently he searched pretty obsessively for someone like me who was selling a Focus RS with low mileage, no mods, head gasket work completed at a reputable dealer, and all the extra goodies that came with the car (the owner’s kit, car cover, original floor mats and shift knob, etc.). So it ended up being a match made in heaven.

It wasn’t a typical Craigslist experience where someone tries to lowball you and play all sorts of games. It ended up just being 2 enthusiasts trading something they cared about with no hassle. It felt really wholesome.

By comparison, when I traded a modified WRX into a dealer a while back, it felt like all the love and passion I put into the car meant nothing. They didn’t care to have the dyno sheets or the mod list. The car was just a passionless pile of money to them (which is understandable).

This time, it’s good to know my old car is going to someone who is going to care for it as obsessively as I did, and who will appreciate all of its strengths and quirks. 🙂

Here’s the letter I gave him with the car.

Mike, if you’re reading this: Godspeed. Drive the piss out of it.

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