Functional Analysis in Statistics PhD?

I’m applying to statistics PhD programs and while I have a decent background in statistics most of my undergrad is on the pure math side. Ideally I’m trying to find programs with a strong emphasis on statistical theory and probability, but with healthy if not plentiful opportunity for application. ​ That being said I’m taking a functional analysis course this semester and really dig it. I know that functional analysis has applications in probability theory, but how common is it in stats PhD programs? From what I can tell from the programs I’m applying to, measure theory is in all of them but I couldn’t find much stuff about Hilbert spaces or compact operators. ​ I’ve done some applied work and loved that experience too, but I’m concerned that maybe I’m casting too wide a net and should hone in more on the theory side. submitted by /u/groovyJesus [link] [comments]

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