Can I survive Mathematical Statistics without having taken Probability Theory?

The textbook in these 2 classes is Mathematical Statistics with Applications, from Wackelly et al. Probability Theory class is basically the first 7 chapters. Mathematical Statistics class spans chapters 8, 9, 10, and some (or all) of 11. I have taken 4 Statistics classes before – Intro to Statistics, Regression and Model Building, Bayesian Statistical Inference, and Statistical Learning. I’ve done well in all of them (got A’s in 3 of them and a B in Regression), but I feel like these classes are very superficial. Most of the time we learn about the how, not the why. Thus I want to take Mathematical Statistics to develop a more rigorous theoretical background. The thing is, I have not taken the Probability Theory class. How big of a problem is this? I did have some knowledge on some of probability theory through Bayesian Inference and Statistical Learning classes – things like common probability distributions (normal, alpha, beta, gamma…), Bayes theorem, sampling distributions, and central limit theorem. Is that enough background to take Mathematical Statistics? submitted by /u/crypto_ha [link] [comments]

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