Application for sharing math over video conference?

I’m not sure if this is the right sub for this – mods delete this if I’m in the wrong place (and help me find the right place?)

I’m an applied mathematician working in global health, and I frequently have mathematics that I want to share in real time with other collaborators. We usually talk over Skype or Slack. I’m looking for a cool tool or application that lets me write out equations and diagrams in real time. Like a virtual blackboard, but one that I can share through video chat. In the past when I’ve needed to do this, I’ve resorted to pointing my computer camera and drawing on a physical whiteboard (which isn’t the best) or opening Inkscape and using the mouse to write out equations (also really not the best). The other option is to make slides with TeX’d equations on them, but that’s time-consuming and I’d like to be able to interact with them more.

Who has had to solve this problem, and what tools do you use to solve it? Are there programs that let me write out TeX-style equations in real time? Alternatively, anyone use a digital tablet for writing on like a whiteboard, but that makes it easy to send what is written on it?

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