How to Analyze this Data from a Game(World of Warships)

So I’m bringing my math and excel nerdiness to my video gaming hobby and was hoping there was someone who could help me try and find more ways to gleam info from the data. As a basic background info for the game there are 4 classes in world of warships, Carriers (CV), Battleships (BB), Cruisers (CA) and destroyers (DD). These classes are played across 10 tiers. A match is generally 12 vs 12 players. I’m trying to specifically use the Win rate of each class to try and determine which classes have the greatest influence on winning the match. Using damage dealt is too simplistic and doesn’t account for key functions in winning like spotting and base capping. In the data I have found the weighted win rate by class overall and by tier. I also found the weighted Standard deviation to try and find that affect winrate more. *I guess the real question here is does anyone know what other functions I can use like Std Deviation to find more meaningful metrics from the Data to determine how the classes are balanced against each other?* I’m using data from an older period because now they have mirrored match making where each side has the same # of each class where as before they didn’t except for CVs, each side could have +1/-1 of each class compared to the other so in theory all the data from current period classes should have net 50% winrates I think. Link to google doc of Data: ​ submitted by /u/MindBuckle [link] [comments]

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