Made a really stupid mistake parking because of pure carelessness and damaged a convenience store.

Instead of park, I put the shifter to reverse by accident and just walked away because I was doing deliveries and I’m usually in and out. I walked away and then I heard a thump and my car instead of being where I parked it, backed up straight into a convenience store. Didn’t go through, but cracked the window pretty bad. I could have fuckin killed some kid or something if they were in the path of that. Its such a stupid mistake and I’m just so frustrated and disappointed in myself. So many things I could have done that were simple and things I should be doing to begin with would have avoided that such as not walking away from my car while its still running, putting the parking brake on, fucking actually checking that I put it in park because idk how the fuck I didn’t feel that something was wrong.

I just want to share my stupidity and kind of vent. Don’t really want to tell my friends about this because this shit damaged my pride.

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