Alternative to McNemar’s test for paired proportions?

McNemar’s test only takes into account data that changed categories from first measurement to the second, and nowhere does it take into account the total number of entries (not in the test statistic formula, not in degrees of freedom). Because of that, you can increase the number of entries in matched measurements by any amount, and end up with the same significance. That means that if e.g. 10 out of 10 people changed their views about something after listening to a speech from disagreeing to agreeing, McNemar’s test considers the speech just as effective as if 10 out of 10000 changed them, which seems ridiculous to me. Or maybe I’m just misinterpreting which research question McNemar’s test is answering? Is there a test that takes into account the total number of entries? submitted by Nevin Manimala /u/InnerFifth [link] [comments]

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