How to test these hypotheses in SPSS? Struggling with MSc dissertation analysis.


I’m doing my MSc in Forensic Psychology. I’ve spent about a week trying to do my analysis but I don’t think I’m doing the right thing, or I can’t seem to compute things correctly in SPSS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The study is looking at personality, prejudice, identity and experiences of hate crime.

The measures used are:

Participants will initially be asked to provide demographic information, which includes their religious identity (if any) and gender. This study will utilize the Big Five scale for measuring personality (Goldberg, 1992).

This study will also use an adaption of the ISSP 2013 National Identity III Basic Questionnaire (ISSP Research Group, 2015) for assessing identity or potential self-perceived “in-group” or “out-group”.

For assessing prejudice, this study will be adapting a number of scales from Velasco González, Verkuyten, Weesie & Poppe’s 2008 study on prejudice towards Muslims. This includes a feelings thermometer, a measure of social distance, and a measure of stereotypes. This study will also ask about participant’s exposure to hate crime.

For religion, individuals have been coded into Muslim (indicated by a 1) or Non-Muslim (indicated by a 2).

The Big Five scale uses a likert scale and the questions are divided into five tests of personality.

The ISSP measure I’ve simply used as a total number – it hasn’t been divided into any sections. It uses a likert scale.

The feelings thermometer is rated between 0 and 100.

Social distance uses a likert scale.

Stereotypes uses a likert scale.

Exposure to hate crime is a series of simple yes/no questions which I’d aggregated into a total score for each individual.

The hypotheses are:

The data will be comparing Muslims and Non-Muslims, and comparing the sub groups of male and female Muslims. Based on previous research, it is hypothesized that:

(1) Experiences of hate crime will correlate with lower levels of belonging to the “in-group” (i.e. “Britishness”).

(2) Muslim individuals will report greater hate crime experiences than non-Muslims; Within the Muslim sub group, women will report greater hate crime experiences than men.

(3) Overall, Muslim individuals will report lower levels of prejudice than non-Muslim individuals.

(4) Overall, across both the Muslim and non-Muslim group, prejudice will negatively correlate with openness to experience, agreeableness and neuroticism.

For the first hypothesis, I used a spearman’s R correlation test.

For the second hypothesis, I used one-tailed independent samples t-tests.

The third I used a one-tailed paired samples t-test.

The final hypothesis I used a spearman’s R correlation test for each individual personality type.

Whenever I tried to conduct ANOVA’s the output was always empty – so I’m not sure what I’ve messed up or where.

Any advice? Do these seem like the appropriate tests to use?

Many Thanks!

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