While I was out, someone stopped me to compliment my blog!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were at a local convenience store and a girl I knew from high school (we were never “friends, so I don’t feel like she was just being nice) stopped me and starting complimenting me like crazy! She said she read my blog, thought it was really good and appreciated the voice that I have, because a lot of people don’t say these things. She also said how inspirational she found it (eeek!). Holy moly I’m so happy! Writing has been the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do, and I feel like this was the first tiny step to it working out! I’m sorry for rambling, but I had to tell someone because I’m elated! Btw: This was the first of my writing that I’ve ever published, making it that much better! Here’s the link if you’re interested! www.mom-with-anxiety.com submitted by /u/klinebarier [link] [comments]


This is a blog I’ve created a while ago aimed at helping people bettering themselves through educating them on fitness/psychology/philosophy. I hope those who come to my website would be inspired and will add more value to themselves. www.versamaven.com I hope you guys enjoy it and do not hesitate to leave your comments below or on my website, thank you submitted by /u/xXmonsterslayerXx [link] [comments]

Conflicted on selling my car, need advice.

Hey guys,

So here’s my problem. I put up my car for sale recently and I’m asking $3700 (but I’ll take like $2300) the KBB value ranges from $3500-$4500.

It’s seriously a piece of shit even though nothing is currently broken. In the last year it has cost me $3700 to keep alive in repairs! I know I’m an idiot for not selling it earlier but I was a broke college kid (and this car made me super broke). The car is actually very nice looking and the interior is great. But I just have this terrible feeling that it’s going to have another $1000+ expenditure in the next month or two. The engine shakes a little only noticeable to me but I feel something wrong is lurking (possible engine mounts).

I’ve taken it to two mechanics since the shaking started and they said it’s fine. But here is the deal I’m selling my car “as is” but I honestly feel bad taking anymore than like $2,300 for it. I just have this feeling whoever buys it will have a broken POS in the next two months.

How do I sell this without feeling bad? Or is there no way.

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Help with understanding Hermitian symmetry & inner product of 2 complex functions in L^2

Hello all,

So I’m reading this (Stanford lecture notes on Fourier analysis) and I’m stumped by the fact that when you take the inner product of 2 complex-valued functions f and g it yields an integral of the product with a conjugate sign on g. Would someone please enlighten me on that (found on page 30)? Also I don’t seem to understand Hermitian symmetry, i.e. (f,g)=conj((g,f)), and I guess a link to something that proves all these properties would be nice, or an intuitive statement (again also on page 30).

Thanks to those who at least took the time to read this

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Advice for a kiddo

I’ll be a senior in high school when summer vacation ends, and I want to further my mathematical knowledge. I don’t dislike math, but Physics is my passion. The main reason I want to further my knowledge on mathematics is so I can further my knowledge on Physics. I’m aware Calculus is a large portion of Physics, so I’m wondering if precalc is truly necessary. My school offers precalc and calc, but you have to take precalc before calc. As it happens, I’ll be in precalc rather than Calc next year. I’ve been told by the teacher of these classes that precalc is basically just a review of algebra 2 and that it’s not really necessary. Is this true? I have a calc textbook, so should I just be going through it now?

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